Coffee Shop Hours: 

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 6AM-3PM
Wednesday: 6AM-3PM
Thursday: 6AM-3PM
Friday: 6AM-3PM
Saturday: 8AM-4PM
Sunday: Closed

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you deliver, cater or do pop-up coffee events off site? Yes. Message us below for more info. We would love to supply your caffeine needs for your event!! Do you have a drive-through? Not yet, but hopefully someday! We do offer curb-side pickup through our Swipeby app. Just download the app on your device and search for "The Fringe Coffee House."  Place your order, we get a notification of when you're arriving and we bring it out. It's faster than a drive-thru!
2. Do you help with re-entry housing or sober living housing? Yes we provide one bedroom re-entry/sober living apartments and are in the process of rehabbing a property to be our new sober living house for women. For more info, message us.

 3. Are you hiring? It changes from time to time. Send us an email below if you are interested in possible future employment. Even if we aren't hiring we are always accepting applications. We are a re-entry program so we ONLY hire returning citizens (those who have experienced incarceration.) or those who are in recovery. We will need the following info: What was your charge, length of sentence, job experience and do you have any history of addiction? What is your transportation situation and availability? All information will remain confidential. 

4. What do you do for those battling addiction? We host several weekly recovery meetings for anyone struggling with addiction or in recovery. (See the recovery page for more info) Do you provide housing, recovery services or treatment for those in recovery? Yes. 

 5. Can we reserve any of the large meeting areas or any area in the shop? Yes, call: 513-893--HOPE. 2 hour time limit.

6. How do I sign up for access to the Fringe Studio (free classes for graffiti, street art, video, video editing, songwriting and music production for all genres, hip-hop production, how to write hip-hop, guitar, piano, bass, drums, photo and photo editing) send us an email below with your age, area of interest and when you're available. The Fringe Studio is for 10-18 year olds.  

7. How do I volunteer or donate to support your mission? To volunteer send us an email below with your name, age and availability. If you would like to volunteer for a special area within our prison program or re-entry program click on the "mission" page of this site and let us know which of those areas you'd like to serve in. To donate or become an ongoing financial partner of The Fringe CLICK HERE. Thank you so much for your support there's no way we could do what we do without your help!

8. Are you available for speaking events? Yes, absolutely. Message us below!

9. Do you guys also have a church? Yes we planted "The Fringe Church" about 4 years ago with the launch of the coffeeshop to provide an authentic Jesus community for our city and region and those we serve. For more info on The Fringe Church visit: www.thefringehamilton.com

You can also check out The Fringe Coffee House and Re-Entry Podcast on I-Tunes or Spotify or here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1061245/episodes

The Fringe Coffee House and Re-Entry Program is located at 604 High Street Hamilton, Ohio
45011 and  is an outreach of The Fringe Church in Hamilton, Ohio. 
For more info visit: www.thefringehamilton.com